5 Things You Must Know Before Shipping Your Car Overseas

Whether you are transporting your personal car or vehicles for commercial purposes, there are important things to know before shipping them overseas. These things will help you keep your property safe, not pay unnecessary money, and have a hassle-free process.

Transport Method

The method of transport is generally determined by what is available from where you are to where the vehicle must go. The costs that go along with the transport methods also play a role. The three main types of transport are shipping containers, roll-on, roll-off where the vehicle is driven onto and off of the vessel, and out of gauge which is mostly for oversized vehicles.

Where the vehicle will be dropped off and picked up also play a role in transport costs. Some companies have drop-off locations and others fetch the vehicle from your home.

Overall Costs

When it comes to costs for shipping, you should find out exactly what the costs include. You should then weigh your expenses against the value of your car. If shipping costs are more than the car’s worth, you should consider selling it locally and buying a new one on the other side.

Insurance and Taxes

Insurance is an extra measure to give you peace of mind. Different options are available depending on the value of the vehicle, the shipping method, and whether it is partial or full insurance.

You will be paying government taxes, duties, and tariffs that are specific to each country or state. This will be determined by the purpose of the vehicle, the year of manufacturing, and the current value of the vehicle.


All vehicles that are imported or exported has to be cleared by customs and some other agencies. These clearances may carry extra costs.

Left and Right-hand drive vehicles

Some countries have left-hand drive vehicles and others have right-hand drive vehicles. There may be restrictions and extra costs involved in importing a vehicle that is different from the country where you are going.

Knowing these things about the import and export processes will help you plan and project the costs. It is often more cost-effective to rather sell your car and buy a new one.

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